Havendeen Roofing Pty Ltd is an Australian based roofing company that prides itself on safety and quality. Havendeen strive to provide the most cost-effective, reliable and efficient services in the field.

Our team of highly competent supervisors and skilled staff all work with dedication and integrity, ensuring Projects run smoothly, on time and hassle free.

In 2010, Robert McKinnon became Director of Havendeen, expanding the company to its current stature as one of the leading Roofing Contractors in Southeast Queensland. Havendeen continue to develop and innovate our work procedures and practices in order to maintain its position as the Roofing Contractor of choice.

Client satisfaction is paramount to Havendeen. This has seen strong relationships forged with the largest Builders in Australia. Havendeen’s vast array of Projects in both Southeast and Central Queensland include, but are not limited to, Defence Facilities, Hospitals, Shopping Centres, Sporting Arenas, Universities, Schools and high-rise Residential and Commercial Buildings.

Safety is the main priority at Havendeen, with our qualified Safety Manager ensuring a safe working environment across our multiple Projects. Please refer to the Safety Page for further information.

Our mission:

It is Havendeen’s objective to completely satisfy our Clients, ensuring our reputation of safety and professionalism are maintained and we are the first choice on all Projects tendered on.

Robert McKinnon

Director of Havendeen

This is achieved through supplying and installing quality products, using experienced tradespeople, competent office-based support, seamless systems and processes in addition to providing a safe work environment for all workers. This combines to provide successful Project outcomes which exceed our Client’s expectations in regard to safety, time, budget and quality.

Our Quality of Servicex

Over the past 25 years of operation, Havendeen have built a trusted and highly skilled team of Supervisors and workers that are committed to delivering exceptional work. It is our aim to provide quality roofing and wall cladding packages to our Clients, completed on time and within budget.

Havendeen have experienced Estimators who aim to complete every tender received with attention to detail and consideration of budget. As part of our quoting process, we offer a Value Management service which has the potential to save the Client both time and money. Havendeen have forged strong relationships with the leading suppliers of roofing and cladding materials, which allows for cost savings and innovations to be passed onto the Client.

Havendeen operates a high-level management system which controls quality at all levels of the organisation and gives assurance to our Clients. Our management system meets the international standard AS/NZS 9001:2000, which guarantees only quality products are used on site and fair work practices are undertaken throughout Havendeen.

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